that i leave the drugs and alcohol alone and loose weight my left kidney cannot pass stones and my left knee stays swollen and the center of my head hurts and that i find a job to really help me coming out of theses addictions and starting over thanks

Brother’s Eyes

pls heal my brother’s eyes. his vision is blurr after he met with an accident. pls help.


I’m asking for peace in my self and whatever my most heartfelt need or dream is….is now perfectly fulfilled.

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms on back and shoulder.


I am suffering severely from Gastritis, a spasm from my stomach to throat has also occurring. Moreover, I am also suffering from pain in the upper portion of my body, neck, shoulder, chest etc. I will be highly obliged if you please send me healing at your earliest.
Best regards

Need To Find A New Doctor

I have poor blood circulation in my body and muscle cramping I have I have tingling all over my body numbness in my limbs, and sometimes I can barely have feeling in them. I get fogginess in my head and get confused at times. And I get bad chest pains. The doctors have not giving me anything. Because they think the symptoms is from depression because my daughter passed 3 yrs. ago so he put my on antidepressives that has me spaced out .And I am still suffering from the same symptoms. They problems started when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My sister said when she was diagnosed with thyroid problems she was put on medicine and felt better. And my body ph levels stays out of balance.

Coma and Paralysis

Please send healing to someone very special to me. She’s the hospital. She fell and hit her head, which caused bleeding in her brain. Now she’s in a coma and paralyzed.


Pray for “someone special” to be healed from lung disorder and cataracts and and have a successful operation.

Righting a Wrong

By reacting to emotionally distressing situation in my life, I did a very bad thing that has created even much more negativity which has led to so many people getting hurt. It has also left me very depressed and guilty.
By my single rash action, I have hurt the respect at least 11 of my closest people grievously which includes my immediate family. I have also lost my goodwill in front of my whole existing society. I can repair this by going ahead with my decision but that would mean doing everything against that I wish to do.

I am desperately seeking for healing of this whole situation and especially for the people involved.

I want that:
1) This situation is resolved in the most friendly manner and gives rise to clarity and bright future for everybody involved
2) All 11 people are absolutely happy, healthy and contented with their life
3) My parents and brother are understanding my view of life and give me unconditional love and are giving me absolute support
4) She is absolutely happy
5) He is absolutely happy
6) I am absolutely happy and I am able to get out of this situation in a friendly and understanding way. I am able to

I am asking for too much but this is a really very desperate call from my side to you. I am feeling really very sorry for giving all this pain to so many people but I am happy today that somehow I am managing to ask for help from all of you.

Thanks and God Bless

Bed Bug Epidemic Nationwide

Healing Request: I am a 71 year old woman.. For the past four months, I have had an infestation of some kind of skin parasite that is biting me both day and night. It appears to be a biting mite that has infested both my apartment and the cubicle in the office where I work, as well as my clothes and my body. I have been to the doctor and it is not scabies or lice. She did not know what it was. I am getting bitten both day and night. I do not know how to deal with this and I am getting very discouraged and frightened. I’m afraid it might be contagious and I have not gone to visit my nieces and nephews for Thanksgiving or Christmas because I am afraid of infecting them.

I am praying that the mites will leave my apartment, the office where I work where I am secretly spraying the carpet under my desk, the clothes that I wear every day and my body which has bites and scratches all over, and that they will stop biting me and be forever gone from my life.